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Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Contributors, happy hour, Highlighted Features, Liquids & Solids |



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Written by: Joe Leary.

We’ve seen unsurpassed growth in the Craft Beer industry in British Columbia and one of the surest signs can be witnessed with Red Truck.

Formed in 2005 and offering draft, the burgeoning brewer with the distinctive flavor is now on the verge of expansion few could have expected some less than a decade ago.

The company started with draught beer only and still is a draught beer only company until our new brewery is completed in the spring of 2014,” says Red Truck Beer Company General Manager Jim Dodds.
“The mandate all along was to find a good location for the brewery and to continue to grow the current brands – Red Truck Lager, Red Truck Ale and a selection of seasonal beers known as “Limited” brands throughout the year.
The mandate was to grow these brands and eventually we would build a new brewery, eventually add bottling and canning lines.”

And grow they will. Red Truck has a new location for their signature brewery at 295 E1st Avenue in Vancouver, in the heart of Mount Pleasant in an area known as “Brewery Creek”.
“We’re moving from our current location in North Vancouver into a new building built specifically for the brewery with the ability to expand and will be able to add more tanks for future volume,” he adds.
“With the Craft Beer industry taking off in the Vancouver market along with other parts of BC, now is the best time to expand.
Along with a significant investment come jobs to the local area as well.  Apart from all the construction, Red Truck Beer Company will employ up to 24 employees within our first year.

But there’s more. The new location will also feature the “Red Truck Stop Diner” which will be open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and provide craft beer enthusiasts an opportunity to tour the brewery and sample our current, seasonal and new craft beers.

“The Red Truck Brewery will also feature a retail store where purchases can be made on Growlers, Keg and Package sales for private functions or parties,” says Dodds, “and of course all of the favourite Red Truck Beer merchandise. These two investments will also create fifteen jobs to the local economy.”

The future is bright indeed for the entire beer industry and consumers throughout British Columbia and beyond are the real benefactors.

“Today’s beer market is changing rapidly with more consumers drinking flavourful craft beers,” Dodds adds.
“The consumer is willing to try the seasonal beers produced by the ever-increasing local craft beer companies. This bodes well for all as the industry continues to shift to more flavourful beer styles.”

Definitely an exciting time for Local Craft Breweries!!


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