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Written by Joe Leary

With British Columbia’s craft beer industry soaring into high gear, our province’s first new brewery of 2014 opened in mid-January in an industrial area of North Vancouver. And with the artisan beer market having doubled in the last four years, Black Kettle Brewing decided to join in on the gold rush.

“The idea for our brewery was inspired by an event called ‘Beer Wars’ put on by CAMRA five or six years ago,” says owner Bryan Lockhart, who opened the brewery and tasting room along with brewmaster Phil Vandenborre. “From that, I was interested in getting into beer but knew nothing about it. I spent six months doing research to see if it was a viable interest and then started pulling the trigger.”

The two work hand in hand and when it comes to the actual product offered, Lockhart admits to having input but defers to the beer maker on the actual components and flavor profile of the brew.

“I have input in the style but trust in the brewing with Phil,” he says. “Phil is a chef by trade to begin with and has a palate which I have never had.”

And with so many ‘players’ already on the scene and only more to come, how does a brand new brewery gain attention?

“Mostly with word of mouth,” says Lockhart. “With us being new we didn’t want to go through a big huge launch and have a ton of people run through your door in the beginning and fall flat on your face. Rather, have the people that do come in and look after them properly and spread the good word.”

Boasting a portfolio that contains a Pale Ale, Wheat Ale and an IPA, Black Kettle will maintain what they consider the three staples.

“For our growler fills, bottle fills and keg fills, those will be the three that we’ll stick to. We do plan on firing up our small batch system again to always have three different beers in house as well. But they’ll only be available by glass in our tasting room.”

They’re easy to drink, they’re good and they’re not too over the top.

“Our Pale Ale is very simple to drink and our IPA doesn’t blow the back of your head off. Just about anyone can drink any one of those beers. We’ve got a broad audience.”



Unit 106 – 720 Copping Street

North Vancouver, BC



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