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Photo by: Dave Delnea (cover).


Nothing brings a pair of kicks to life like a fresh shine.  You can hit your trusted shoe shine kiosk and enjoy the daily newspaper as the professional skills of said shoe shiner goes about his or her business and adds a much needed luster to your footwear, or you can invest in a few products and do it all yourself.  I actually balance between the two.  I love sitting at home, my jars of polish and dubbin grease carefully placed on the hardwood floor, as the warmth of the fireplace coaxes them into workability.  My old toothbrush awaits a thick layer of mink oil and as the 'wells' of my shoes get doused with its viscosity.  I also love being out and about during the day and relaxing for a few minutes while the lotions and tinctures are applied to my shoes by the hands of a pro.  As my boy Craig says, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other!"

The tools of the trade: a boar hair bristled brush (like the one pictured in the inset by Izola available at The Lastest Scoop); a shining cloth; your choice of mink oil/dubbin grease; a tin of clear/black/brown polish and an old toothbrush.  I will leave it up to your personal taste to procure the brands you deem worthy.  Step one, wipe away the surface dirt.  Step two, apply the necessary topical solution.  I have a range of shoes that vary in types of leather.  Some look best with a sheen, others with a matte finish.  The overall point is to protect your kicks against the elements.  To quote Dres from Black Sheep, "But then again, the choice is yours."  Step three, in small circular motions, apply the solution with the clothe, although I prefer to do it by hand and, allow it to sink into the leather for a few minutes, again preferably near a heat source.  Dip your toothbrush in the solution and brush onto the threads that attach the sole to the upper of the shoe.  This will make it a thousand times easier for your cobbler to replace the sole when the time comes; the name of the game is suppleness.  Step four, if you want to spit on your shoes and go old school, be my guest.  Just make sure to give one more round of small circular strokes before grabbing your handy shining clothe and 'evening' out the solution.  Step five is the easiest but the most important.  Take your boar hair bristled brush and, in an arcing motion, brush across the toes to the heels, apply some pressure but no need to dig in.  One more buff with the clothe and you will be appreciative of the fact you can see your reflection in the gleaming mirror of your shoes.



Hot Sheet – December 2015

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The building has been there since the late 1800’s but when this legendary blues joint closed down for renovations a few years ago, some viewed it as the end of an era. Many legendary artists had graced the stage at The Yale including John Lee Hooker, Long John Baldry, Johnny Winter and Jimmy Page. What would emerge was a well-kept secret when it opened not long ago. With live music venues having pretty much disappeared in this city, would this storied venue continue their tradition of great live music – and what of the room itself?


We visited a few weeks ago and happily to report the room and the tradition remain alive and well. Over a great selection of BBQ meats, Jalapeno corn bread, cole slaw etc, we soaked in the cool ambience and live music and watched (not participated) as people took on the mechanical bull. The wings and Mac & Cheese are a must-try as well and for healthier choices, they have wraps, soups and salads. On the music front, the blues are back with some country, jazz and theme nights like “Footloose Fridays” thrown in. Cool spot! 

1300 Granville Street,

HOT READ – Experiencing the Rolling Stones: A Listener’s Companion (Rowman & ExperiencingLittlefield) 

The ultimate read for the Rolling Stones fan as author and musicologist David Malvinni chronicles the Stones music from the inside out; placing individual songs and entire albums within the transformative era of the 60’s and examines how the band integrated African-American R&B, Blues and Rock into their uniquely British style.


Ungava CAN PRE GIN_no cl[1] copyIn 2010, Domaine Pinnacle launched Ungava Canadian Premium Gin in Quebec. It quickly gained momentum, becoming a favourite in the province and today can be found around the world in 55 countries. “Canada has some of the best micro climates in the world for producing fruit, berries, herbs, and botanicals,” says Global Brand Ambassador Joshua Groom, “which lends itself very well to distillation.” For us: superior liquor. We couldn’t let Joshua go without a recipe for one of his perfect winter Ungava drinks  @ungava_gin


Winter Cocktail: Maple Negroni

Classic bitter cocktail. Maple syrup tweak. Orange zest to balance

Gin, Ungava










Vermouth, Rosso





Syrup, Maple Syrup 





Orange, zest










Total Recipe










Ice: Cube




Glassware: Old fashioned


Technique: Stir strain




Load mixing glass with alcohol and syrup


Add scoop of ice and stir for 15 seconds


Strain over new ice in glass


Garnish with orange zest


Maple syrup:   1:1 – Water : Maple syrup. Brought to boil then chilled



HOT GADGET – TSA Security Lock/Search Alert

Tariss-Locks-TwoWhen flying often, most people worry not only about their luggage arriving with the flight, but also its’ content remaining in place as it was packed. With more and more stories surfacing about airport workers rummaging through passenger luggage behind closed doors, this month’s Hot Gadget is a welcome gift for concerned travellers. You get a 3-dial cable lock and a Search Alert which allows you to know when your luggage is being searched. The TSA Security Lock/Search Alert is available on

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Written by: Tobin Wait.

One of the coolest new spaces in Gastown is not a clothing store, or a restaurant, or a cafe,  It's a jewelry store.  That's right, a jewelry store.  But Cavalier is not like most jewelry stores, with their stodgy atmospheres, pompous attitudes, and only-for-the-rich wares.  Cavalier, like the name suggests, is cool and fresh, and geared toward a younger market.

The shoppe is the brainchild of two twenty-something jewelers and childhood friends: Dane Stevens, who has been in the gem business since high school (and who also plays bass in local rock band, Tough Lovers); and Keith Seabrook, a former hockey player and trained jeweler (and brother of Chicago Black Hawk defenceman, Brent Seabrook).  Using their experience and imagination, they have created a jewelry store that is stylish, inviting and modern.  It opened on July 6 of 2013, and has already established itself as one of the top boutique jewelry stores in Vancouver.

One of the first things you notice when you enter is the sleek, modern design: exposed brick, wood and white walls dominate.  The display cases are simple in their construction, designed to show off the beautiful jewelry inside, a perfect combination of local and international designers.  And what jewelry store would be complete without the lounge area, with a red leather couch, a fully stocked bar, and a fridge full of Stanley Park Lager?  It’s all part of the Cavalier experience.

“We wanted to give the space a West Coast feel, and make it fun, with the lounge area, and have it big enough to hold events.” Stevens tells me.

Stevens and Seabrook knew they had to be unique in what they were offering, to set them apart from the more established (and stereotypical) jewelry stores.  A big part of that is the design of the space, but it doesn't end there.  Emphasizing local designers was something very important to Cavalier from the beginning, as was being involved with local charities.

“We have 14 local designers,” says Stevens, “and each one has a local charity that is important to them, and we donate 5% of each sale to their chosen charity.”

Showcasing local artisans and partnering with local businesses is Cavalier's way of giving back to the community that houses them. They also hold non-profit events at the store, catered by local and Eastside companies, as a way of spreading goodwill and giving back to the community.

As for the jewelry itself, the pieces on display at Cavalier are a wonderful and eclectic assortment of fine jewelry. Watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, a balanced combination of artisan and classic, local and established.  There is literally something for everyone, and for everyone's budget.

Another large part of Cavalier's business is custom designing.  If you need a piece tweaked to fit your needs and wants, Cavalier has an upstairs manufacturing space, with three full time, experienced craftsmen working every day producing and customizing jewelry.  And like many jewelers, Cavalier also wholesales to other jewelry stores in Vancouver and cities all over the world.  Despite their young age, Stevens and Seabrook have a wealth of knowledge, and a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in the jewelry business.

“I feel blessed to be able to do this at a young age and to have this opportunity,” says Stevens.  In fact, their youth may also be an advantage in the new world of marketing and social media on which many of today's business must now rely.  And any jewelry store equipped with a fridge full of Stanley Park Lager is doing something right.

It may only be the beginning, but the future looks bright for Cavalier.

Hot Sheet – July 2015

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Hot Sips – Chill Winston

A mainstay on Vancouver’s thriving social scene, Chill Winston is always worth a revisit; be it indoors or out. With the summer season in high gear, we ventured to this Gastown favourite to sample a superb selection of cocktails, ably guided and hosted by Bar Manager, Matt Hassen and Bartender Jason Earle. “We like to create cocktails which are approachable and delicious but also quick to make,” Matt tells us. Jason starts with a smoky creation called Covenant, a perfect late-night drink with Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch, Kahlua, Lillet Blanc, honey, coffee and cacao bitters (cigar smokers, this is for you, Jason says). Next, Vodka lovers will want to try Chryses, a mixture of Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Kahlua, and Golden Graham Almond Milk.

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From there we move to a delicious afternoon cocktail called Amun-Ra; a mixture of Beefeater Gin, Compari, lemon, rum raisin tincture, watermelon, and cucumber. We also sample a selection of unique tea cocktails including the Aniruddha (Indian for ‘unrestrained’) a mixture of BC Forest Tea, El Rey Zapoteca Mezcal, lemon, and egg white. “This is the kind of cocktail for people who don’t like smoky drinks,” says Matt, “and it’s a drink meant to be sipped”. We wrap up the sampling with another tea cocktail, Kinnara; a great summer drink containing Deep Cove Vodka; tea Leaves, lime bitters, cucumber, lemongrass, and cilantro.

Chill Winston, 3 Alexander Street

Hot Flick – Red Army

Layout 1Selected for the 2014 Cannes, Telluride and Toronto International Film Festivals, Red Army tells the tale of the Cold War playing out on the ice. This gripping documentary focuses on the Soviet Union’s Red Army hockey team from the perspective of its captain Viacheslav Fetisov. At great risk both personally and to his career, ‘Slava’ stood up and faced an aggressive and powerful Soviet system, paving the way for fundamental change for future generations of Russians. Chronicling Fetisov’s transformation from national hero to political enemy, RED ARMY examines the social and cultural parallels between the Red Army hockey team and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.

Hot Retro – The Saint

The Saint Complete 3DBefore he became a select member of the James Bond club, Roger Moore was Simon Templar aka ‘The Saint’, fashioned as a modern day Robin Hood but with a twist: the premise of the series that aired between 1962 and 1969 was that while robbing from the criminally rich, Templar pocketed the loot. Now, Shout Factory presents the beautifully restored 33 Disc Box Set of ‘The Saint’.

Hot Gear – Flip-Flop Shops

The right footwear is an integral part of summer; and for the right footwear Hot Sheet ventured to the perfect spot: The Flip-Flop Shop on 4th and Burrard and put our feet in the hands – so to speak- of shop owner Fiona Rintoul. Having never bothered buying top of the line flip flops before, we loved Fiona’s first choice: The Olukai Maka leather sandal. “What’s great about this choice is the heightened level of arch support,” she tells us. “It’s both casual and perfect for a dressy occasion.” This takes flip flop to a whole other level.

 Sanuk Rounder Hobo Charcoal

Fiona’s next choice: the Sanuk Rounder Hobo closed-toe shoe. “This is the best of both worlds, providing a cool alternative to the traditional flip flop,” she says. Meant to be worn barefoot, this style has the relaxed fit of a sandal with the look of a shoe.

Flip Flop Shops Vancouver, 1820 West 4th Avenue

Hot Sound – Shawn Hook

ShawnHook-Anolog Love cover itunesHis album ‘Analog Love’ now certified Gold in Canada, local boy Shawn Hook is finally rocketing his way up the charts, and rightfully so. Having been on the Hot Sheet’s radar for some years now, this comes as no surprise. And to make the Shawn Hook story even more alluring, his recent signing to the US-based label, Universal/Republic shows his star is on the rise.

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Hot Sheet – June 2015

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Hot Spot – Provence Marinaside 

A few weeks ago we headed down to False Creek overlooking the seawall and the harbor; a location which has been part of the allure for the longtime dining favourite, Provence Marinaside, who recently celebrated 18 years. The goal was simply a light lunch and to check out the newly-renovated restaurant which includes a spectacular new wine wall. “This is the future of any wine you don’t have to age,” Owner & Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia says referring to the wall as we sample some of the 48 wines on tap. In addition they also offer over 100 wines by the glass and will open any bottle if you purchase three glasses.

During lunch, which included mouthwatering meatballs, spaghettini with sliced tomatoes and olive oil, warm goat cheese salad and a selection of simplistically superb deserts, Chef talked about the new look. “The wine wall has been getting great reaction from our regulars and new customers,” he said, “and we’re proud that we support local with the wine as well as the food.”As for the new look, Chef Quaglia collaborated with local Interior Designer Trine Hendrikson. The result: the appearance of a restaurant look you’d come across travelling through parts of Europe and the popular patio only enhances this classic spot. With lunch complete, Chef was off to run the restaurant. The afternoon was capped off with a cold beer at the eleven seat Provence bar.

inside 1177 Marinaside Crescent (604)681-4144

Hot Sip – 2011 Seven Stones, Row 128 Merlot

SevenStonesWinery_Row128MerlotFrom the Similkameen Valley comes this wonderful wine and a big congrats to Seven Stones owner George Hanson and his team. After sampling the bottle which went very well with a steak dinner, we met up with good friend and media colleague Terry David Mulligan, host of “Tasting Room Radio”, which airs Saturdays at 10am on TSN 1410 to get his thoughts on the wine. “It’s well worth the chase – especially at that price,” Mulligan tells The Hot Sheet. “It has a beautiful texture in the mouth, with aromas of black cherry, mint, and black olive.”

Hot Retro – ‘The Colbys’

Layout 1Salacious, opulent and powerful – that describes ‘The Colbys’, a spin-off of the television phenomenon that was ‘Dynasty’. Featurinnmg an all-star cast, ‘The Colbys’ explores the lives and love of an enormously wealthy California family who will stop at nothing to maintain power and control of their empire. See all 49 episodes in a 12 disc set from

Hot Read – ‘Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook for Young Girls’

The Hot Sheet attended this important book launch and had a chance to chat with Kristal Barrett-Stubook imageart, who along Kristin Van Vloten, brought together well-known women like Erin Cebula, Tamara Taggart, Fiona Forbes, Victoria Duffield, and Jillian Harris, asking them to write about the struggles they dealt with as young girls. The inspirational result: Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook for Young Girls.

The goal of The Sparkle Project BC is to inspire and equip young girls to lead healthy, self-confident, and successful lives,” says Barrett-Stuart, a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and mother of a young daughter. If the positive vibes and dedication at this book launch was any indication, the impact will be huge. And the additional good news: partial proceeds from the sale of the book will fund bursaries for young girls who need financial assistance to pursue their dreams.


Hot Sound – Wes Mack 

CDS115.qxdCalgary born but now calling Vancouver home, Wes Mack is coming off a tremendous run with back-to-back country radio hits and winning the Canadian Country Music Association’s coveted Discovery Program. Now comes this talented artist’s major label debut. “I like this EP because I was able to get a couple of tracks on it that were literally the first things we recorded as early as 2012, up to stuff we would have been working on earlier this year,” says Mack. “As my first release, I wanted it to cover the past few years of what I’ve done. It feels about time to have something out there.” Add to that an opening spot on the Shania Twain tour and everything’s coming up Wes Mack.

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