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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Highlighted Features, Style & Taste | Comments Off on ERASER FACE: MAKEUP REMOVERS REVIEWED


There are lots of different ways to remove makeup –  some conventional, and some a little out of the ordinary! Here are a few of my recommended ways to remove that makeup, and take care of your skin beneath. Don't forget, to achieve maximum skin care results, always use a facial cleanser after using makeup remover.

1.) Nivea Express Eye Makeup Remover

This makeup remover can be purchased in most pharmacies. It's a fairly inexpensive go-to product. It works wonders on waterproof and non waterproof makeup, and is very gentle! To use it, you simply just need to shake the bottle, so the separated clear and blue liquids combine, making the remover truly effective.  Then dab it onto a cotton pad, or washcloth, and let it sit on your eyes/face for about 15 seconds;  then simply wipe it away! I wear waterproof makeup daily, and it works wonders at getting everything off. The product is made with cornflower water, which is known to soothe, soften and decongest the most sensitive eyes. Once your makeup is removed, use warm water to wash it away, and use your favorite facial cleanser. This can be purchased at most drug stores for about $9CAD.

Formula: 4.5/5Nivea-Express-2339

Speed: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Value: 5/5




2.) Coconut Oil

Now, this is definitely not one of your conventional makeup removers, but it works! It also leaves your skin nice and moisturized. Coconut oil does a lot of wonders for the body. To use it as a makeup remover, all you need to do is scoop a teaspoon of coconut oil, and put it in your hands. Place it in your hands for a couple seconds so that it all completely melts to the heat of your hand. Rub all over your face and eyelids (Be sure not to put too much on your lids, because if it gets in your eyes, they may have a oily glaze over them for a little bit), and let it sit on your face and dissolve your makeup. With a warm dishcloth, wipe the excess coconut oil off your face. You'll see that all your makeup is gently removed. If there is any remaining coconut oil on your face, leave it if you have tight, dry skin as it will help restore and lock moisture back in. Be sure to do a spot test with the oil first, especially if you are prone to clogged pores. This is a great method for people with very dry to normal skin. This can be purchased at most grocery and health food stores for about $25 for 54 oz.

Formula: 5/5cocooil

Speed: 3/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Value: 5/5






3.) Unscented Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Yup. You read right. Baby wipes work as a great makeup remover in a pinch. When you buy them, be sure to get unscented wipes for sensitive skin. While baby wipes aren't terribly effective at removing waterproof makeup, it is efficient at remover all other types. Gently rub over your face, and you will see your makeup come off onto the wipes. Baby wipes also work great paired with any other makeup remover for a nore effective removal. These can be purchased at most pharmacies and grocery stores. They can go anywhere from $5 for 25 wipes to an economical $19.9 for 900.

Formula: 3/5babywipes

Speed: 3/5

Effectiveness: 4/5

Value: 5/5






4.) MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this remover hoping it would be my new go to remover, but it really let me down. I really like that it is unscented, gentle and leaves no oily residue,  but it burned my eyes while I was trying to remove my eye makeup, and it didn't remove it all.For its higher price tag at $25 for 100ml at and any MAC location, I just can't recommend it.

Formula: 3/5mac

Speed: 2/5

Effectiveness: 1/5

Value: 1/5






5.) Embryolisse Lait Creme Fluide

I've reviewed this product before as a lotion, but it also doubles as a makeup remover.  It’s very light in texture, so you don’t feel greasy at all. To use this product, simply put some on a cotton pad or a baby wipe and gently rub onto your face and eyelids. It will quickly remove your makeup, while leaving your skin soft and hydrated from its enriched fatty acids and vitamins. This can be purchased online, and in store at Curlique in Vancouver for about $40

Formula: 5/5emb

Speed: 3.5/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Value: 3/5






Please feel free to comment with any questions, or even requests for what I review/talk about next!


Holly Pearson


Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in Highlighted Features, Style & Taste | Comments Off on STYLE STAPLES – BLACK EYELINERS


By: Holly Pearson (

As a makeup artist, I’m always searching for the best products to carry in my kit. New products are constantly hitting the market, and choosing the wrong one can be an inconvenient and expensive mistake. I’m here to help you take the guesswork out!

Today I'll review and rate a staple: black eye liner.

tartebmTarte's Tartelist Day Paint Liner

A new release, Tartelist only comes in one colour:­ black. Similar to a gel/crème formula, this liner comes with a thin angled brush. What I like about this product is that you have total control: you squeeze the product from the tube, determining how much product you use. Because the liner will dry quickly, I recommend squeezing just enough product out to line one eye at a time. Tartelist dries to a beautiful matte black colour, and the waterproof formula will stay on all day. Don’t be too light handed with it, otherwise your line will not be uniform. Available at Sephora, $29.00

Formula: 4/5

Application: 5/5

Longevity: 5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Kat Von D's Ink Liner in "Trooper"

This product has been creating a buzz since Kat Von D introduced her makeup line. I've recently started using her ink liner in Trooper, a rich black, and it hasn't disappointed. Another waterproof formula, the hard tip provides control over the thickness of the lines youkatvonbm can make. The formula is smooth and long lasting. Available at Sephora, $23.00 

Formula: 4.5/5

Application: 5/5

Longevity: 5/5

Value: 5/5

L'Oreal Paris' Telescopic Waterproof Liner in "Black"

If your peepers tend to tear up like mine, you fear raccoon eyes. This is my go-­to drugstore waterproof liquid liner – it has not let me lorealbmdown! For the price, this product is hard to beat: it has a long shelf-life, and does not dry out. Be sure not to apply too much product, or it may crack and peel. Available at drugstores, $14.99 

Formula: 4/5

Application: 4/5

Longevity: 4/5

Value: 4/5

M∙A∙C's Penultimate Eye Liner in "RapidBlack"

M∙A∙C was the first to come out with this sharpie­style of liquid liner, providing incredible application control. The tip allows for precise lines; however the formula has room for improvement: the product tends to bleed into any crack or crease in your skin. While I love a lot of M∙A∙C products, there are better eyeliners out there than this particular one. Available at M∙A∙C, $24.00 macbm

Formula: 2/5

Application: 5/5

Longevity: 1/5

Value: 2/5

Hot Sheet – December 2014

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Highlighted Features, Style & Taste | Comments Off on Hot Sheet – December 2014

Hot Spot – The Belmont

The location known formerly as The Cellar returns to its historic roots paying homage to the Granville Street hotel once known as The Belmont.

Redesigned and newly opened at the corner of Granville and Nelson, this cozy downtown spot has been transformed into a great place to hang out, featuring industrial elements and copper finishes. Whether planning a quick bite and a drink or a full-on night on the town, The Belmont Bar hits all the elements; great food, great environment and a really cool staff. Sitting at the bar where the Hot Sheet snacked on Lamb Chops, Scallops and Bacon and the highly-recommended Braised Beef Short-rib one realizes that this menu that also features such items as Charcuterie and an amazing Petite Vanilla Crème Brulee’ is the perfect complement to this great spot!

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Hot Sip – Canadian Club Chairman’s Select

Canadian Club 100RyeBest enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Chairman’s Select 100% Rye was developed to meet the ever-evolving Balanced with toasted grains, gentle wood notes and a hint of sweet vanilla, this serves as the purest expression of rye whiskey with more complexity, character and spice than other Canadian whiskies.

And still more exciting news in the whiskey world with the introduction of Canadian Club Chairmen’s Select Maple! Adding the familiar aroma of sweet Canadian maple syrup and toasted oats and with a low 35% alcohol by volume ‘Maple’ serves as a delicious shot enjoyed throughout the evening. Known as the ‘Sappy Bastard’ it’s chilled CC Maple served in a shot glass!

Hot Flick – The Imitation Game

December is always a great month for movies as the studios release all their best films just before the award season in January. There are many superb films to look for this month – Wild, Foxcatcher, and Top Five come to mind – but our pick is The Imitation Game. It’s the story of Alan Turing, a man largely responsible for helping to end WWII early, and in doing so, he developed the Turing Machine, something we know today as the computer. He was a mathematician and a cryptanalyst, and through his genius efforts, Turing was able to crack the German’s Enigma machine codes. Because his worimage001k was so secret, he could never receive any praise or recognition. After the war, his life was full tragedy and being gay (a crime in Britain until the mid-60’s), he was arrested. The always brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch is Alan Turing, with Kiera Knightley, Mathew Goode and Mark Strong.

Hot Treat – Chocolatas

Vancouver’s own Wim and Veve Tas introduced us to the true spirit of Belgian chocolate back in 2002 when they moved to Canada. Their chocolate is infused with flavours like Earl Grey Tea and Szechuan pepper. We Canadians were sceptical at first hesitant to try new flavours, but twelve years later their delicious chocolates are loved. Now the Master Chocolatier offers the Elegance line. Made entirely by hand with only the most natural flavours and ingredients, this new line is influenced by local products like organic hazelnuts from Agassiz, and peaches and pears from the Okanagan. Wim and Veve have created the perfect holiday treat and/or gift.

Hot Retro – WKRP in Cincinnati

imagesPAGROTIZIn one of the most eagerly-anticipated releases, WKRP in Cincinnati finally makes its long overdue emergence in a 13 disc DVD set. The series – which ran a total of four seasons between – has had a complicated history of music rights restrictions to say the least. In an effort to make this the most comprehjensive DVD release possible, has gone to great lengths to include every scene uncut with as much original music as possible featuring the likes of The Doors, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, The Cars, Van Morrison and many, many others.

Hair services for the Hot Sheet supplied by Gena Stokes – Stratosphere

Outerwear for the Hot Sheet supplied by Helly Hansen


Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Style & Taste | Comments Off on THROWBACK MONDAY

Once a month, we deliver you a throwback from the vaults, the early days of  This month, we present Prevail's ode to one of France's most iconic fashion houses, Hermes…









Written by Prevail

It all started with a horse and carriage.  Thierry Hermès, German by descent,was fashioning bridles and harnesses for the well to do of Europe.  As the lineage expanded, his son took things to a new level and started to lay the foundation for the Hermès we know today.  I have been lucky enough to visit the flagship store in Paris and it was, hands down, the most interactive and welcoming shopping experience I have ever had.  The building that proudly stands at 24 rue de Faubourg Saint-Honorè, has a presence of it's own.  Now partially a museum, history emits from the walls, if only they could talk I'm sure they would have a thousand stories to tell and, they would all be in a wonderful French accent.  My connection to Hermès began with one of their carrès a few years ago.  I started rocking it daily and was inspired by the way I could use it to dress up or dress down most outfits.  After procuring a number of those, I turned my attention to the leather goods.  By then I had a love affair with the company and a huge respect for the process they go through before giving products their stamp of approval.  When I walked into the Paris store, I knew what I was after.

"Bonjour Monsieur!"  Where the first words I heard as I entered.  From there, a lovely attendant kindly asked me my name and assured me that if I needed anything at all, to simply ask.  As I walked through the store, I took in the whole experience.  I bought a deck of cards for my Mom and, the salesperson had them transported downstairs as I continued my browsing.  I could smell the leather wafting in the air and I followed my nose to the counter that beheld a selection of notebooks, agendas and, journals.  Then I saw it!  Staring me down, an olive green notebook cover with a simple yet elegant round snap on it's far right hand side.  The emblematic symbol would one day protect my thoughts and ideas from prying eyes.  At first, my Ulysses notebook sat in it's box, safe from fingerprints and potential scuffs.  Then, one day, I wrote in it and, the paper convinced me that all my creative processing would be respected and encouraged.  It has become my repository for everything.  Even the outline for this site is safely harboured there.  Arrows pointing to future ideas and linking past thoughts make the cotton linen paper look like the rantings of a madman.  So far so good.

The rest of my shopping experience was just as satisfying as I scooped up one more scarf and a losange, which is not a cough drop, but instead a very dramatic rhomboid shaped cut of cloth that could be worn while one relaxes on the French Riviera in a cabana, sipping on a glass of wine and eating fine food.  Or you could just rock it like I do and wear it with a collared shirt and a fedora, a nice pair of shorts and some slip ons.  It does take a bit of confidence to pull it off and, I had to work up to wearing it on more casual occasions but it was worth the journey.  After I had amalgamated my wares, I walked back down the staircase where I was reacquainted with the lovely attendant.  She had all my goods wrapped and ready to go.  It was flawless. I signed up for my visitors tax credit and carried that little green piece of paper with me as a reminder that when I returned, I would have a few extra Euro to put towards my next purchase.

Hermès doesn't cut corners.  They don't compromise.  Everything they do is detail oriented and it shows.  Not only in the quality but also in the delivery and, because of that, they will have my loyalty for the duration of my tenure.  As my mountain of signature orange boxes continues to grow, so do I and, my belief in standing behind your product is personified through the company that started in a little workshop in France but has reached out and touched the world.




Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Style & Taste | Comments Off on THE HOT SHEET

Written by Joe Leary and James Gordon


Hot Sip

2 Gingers Bottle_rzFounder Kieran Folliard was inspired by his fiery-haired mother and aunt to create 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey; the spirit over which ideas travel forward and dedicated to those who actively pursue their passions.

Made in Ireland and launched in the US, 2 Gingers is now available in British Columbia.

Its authentic Irish whiskey: double-distilled and aged four years in bourbon barrels and while most are triple-distilled and aged for three years, the extra aging time and double distilling delivers more flavour and smoothness.

The charred oak bourbon barrel gives it a distinctive vanilla and caramel finish.

Introducing 2 GINGERS – Signature drinks:


Add 2 parts 2 GINGERS Whiskey into a Collins glass filled with ice; top with Ginger Ale.

Garnish with lemon and lime wedge and enjoy!

The SKINNY GINGER®: replace with Diet Ginger Ale


Hot Retro – I Spy: The Complete Series’I Spy 18DVD Viva 60267 3D

A ground-breaking TV series for its time, ‘I Spy’ brought together the comedic talents of rising star Bill Cosby together with the suave and debonair actor Robert Culp. Posing as a tennis pro and his trainer, the series – originally broadcast on NBC from 1965-1968 – paired the two as intelligence operatives travelling to exotic locales taking on the espionage community with both grit and lighthearted banter.

The 18 DVD Box Set ‘I Spy: The Complete Series’from Shout! Factory features memorable guest appearances from the likes of Gene Hackman, Ron Howard and Don Rickles among others.


Hot Spot

With Nicli’s Antica Pizzeria the go-to spot for authentic Napoletano pizza in Vancouver and a runaway success, owner Bill McCaig has created the perfect companion piece, Nicli’s Next Door, occupying the adjacent space at 68 East Cordova Street. A warm and inviting environment, this new Gastown location is a great place to nosh and sip from their varied wine list and signature cocktail offerings while either waiting out a table or simply a quick pre-event bite. While the menu offers a perfect array of Chef Keev Mah’s creative and reasonably-priced sharable plates, no conversation on Nicli’s Next Door is complete without the highest of praise the friendliest and knowledge front-of-house servers the Hot Sheet has encountered on the local scene. Well done!

Room (2)


Hot Read

From one of the best publishers on the planet, Taschen offers two new coffee table entries. The first: Film Noir: 100 All-Time Favourites.

Edited by Jurgen Muller & Paul Duncan, this is an in-depth examination of film noir from the movement’s early days in silent German and French movies of the 1920’s through the classic noir period of the 1940’s up to the neo noir period from1960 to present day. At nearly 700 pages, each film is examined with a synopsis, commentary, posters, and stills. Personal favourites include The Maltese Falcon , Out of the Past , In A Lonely Place, through to Point Blank, Get Carter, The Limey and No Country for Old Men.

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Our second book examines that period from the mid-1950’s to the mid-60’s when a pop cultural known as the Tiki movement hit its’ peak. In Tiki Pop, Urban Archaeologist, Sven A. Kirsten explores the era when the Tiki trend was everywhere: in movies & TV shows of the day, in our homes, our fashion and in the restaurants & bars we frequented. This version of paradise with images and themes of the South Seas such as grass huts, exotic drinks and bamboo began to fade as tastes and attitudes matured.

Locally the most recent examples in Vancouver were evident in the former Trader Vic’s at the Westin Bayshore and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on East Hastings. For a look back at this trend, Tiki Pop is the book to have.

Hot Gadget

charger_AngleThis month we have the perfect item to assist with our busy lives. Your phone is fully charged when you leave in the morning but re-charging can be difficult and by evening battery power can be depleted rapidly. Now comes the compact Bodyguard Battery from CHAMP E-Prep Gear; with swift USB charging capabilities for your phone and other devices but also contains an LED flashlight and a 110 dB personal panic alarm for safety.

Hot Gear

Recently, we went to local tech expert/Future Shop Communication Manager (and regular CTV Morning Live Contributor), Elliot Chun for his advice on choosing the right headphones. He led The Hot Sheet to the superb Monster Headphones.

Founded by professional musician and audiophile Noel Lee in 1979, MONSTER has made a reputation for itself by continuing to excel in creating a wide variety of high performance products from audio cables to speakers and more recently, headphones.

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For people who travel a lot, these headphones are perfect for having that ‘noise isolation’ experience,” Chun tells us.

Our Experience: these headphones block out all outside sound while not disturbing others, they also say I’m enjoying a musical experience so let’s not chat.

Chun also points out the physical form factor. “Headphones in general have come a long way since the 80’s and 90s from a colour & fashion selection. Today they’re seen kind of like your ball cap or sunglasses where you’re making a fashion statement.”