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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Highlighted Features, My personal Belongings, Style & Taste |



Pete Doherty
Kris Krug / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo by Pamela Evelyn.

I awoke one morning to the glorious rays of the Los Angeles sunshine beaming through my bedroom window.  It was 7:30 in the morning and the birds in the backyard were singing a sweet song.  Ever since my last visit I had pining to add another fine handmade Italian hat to my modestly growing collection, which at the time of writing this, on the patio at Shutters On The Beach, totals a whopping sum of two.  Now, in my defense, I have acquired a taste for a particular brand which heralds back to the late 1800’s and is, in my opinion, a company which excels in their craft.

Borsalino has a long steeped tradition in the art of hand constructed head wear.  My first piece was a straw fedora, the trim of ribbon around the crown is constructed of two separate pieces, a two tone taupe graced with a silk and linen band of light turquoise emblazoned with gold writing that proudly states their hallmark.  I was back in L.A. and Fred Segal was having a sale.  To my utter delight their were offering my new favourite hats at a price to good to refuse.  After trying on a few from the selection, I settled on another straw piece, this time darker in hue, shaped in the Panama style and, the band of fabric was a bitter sweet chocolate colour.

I have grown a great affinity for both hats but have developed a bit of snobbery towards others of inferior quality.  Once you go Borsalino you never go back.  This mornings inspirational weather prompted me to go searching for a third hat to add my accoutrement.  I looked in every store I came across and nothing I tried on was even close to as comfortable or looked as well appropriated.  After this trying ordeal I let my mind come to peace with the fact that I am only willing to top my head with the best and, if that means I must continue to scour high and low for perfection, let the search continue.


“…people with a feather in the cap of they Borsalino…” Black Thought from The Roots


It has been known that when Fred Astaire bought a new hat, he would throw it against the wall a couple of times to give it more of a broken in look.




Loro Piana

Christy’s Of London


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