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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Highlighted Features, My personal Belongings |





Photo by Pamela Evelyn .

I haven’t had cable in over 7 years and it is a feeling of freedom. My access to daily news and music is heavily routed through my Henry Kloss Model One radio by Tivoli. I remember peering through the window in a store in Zurich and pining over the little box which I knew produced big sound. I didn’t buy it on that trip and I always regretted it, then, around a year later, I was back in Vancouver and tripping around window shopping when I saw a red sale sign posted above the Model One display. I had to have one and now was the time. There’s nothing like finding a station you enjoy as the dial swings you through a vast range of broadcasted choices.

The radio itself is quite simple in it’s design but the clarity and options for attaching other devices are great. An on/off switch, an am/fm control and, the dial that designates your station of choice, is pretty much the whole makeup of the piece but then again what more do you need? I remember my Grandma and I listening to the radio as I helped her bake, the music of the golden oldies flowing from the kitchen. For that reason and more, my feelings of nostalgia are synonymous with radio.

Theres something about those finite streams of static that you wade through, before finding a station with clear reception and music you are in the mood for, that empowers the listener more than loading up a pre determined playlist. Surprise and anticipation mix together as the dj rumbles through tunes, each one revealed impromptu and sometimes without any rhyme or reason. I listen to a lot of opera and symphonic music but I’m just as quick to give the dial a twist and let it find a new home that harbours classic rock or hip hop. Back in the day the radio was the centre of attention and it not only entertained us, it also informed us. Imagine crowding around a transistor and listening to War of the Worlds as it struck people with genuine panic, or the narrated blow by blow of a championship boxing match as the hoots and hollers of Madison Square Garden emitted from the speakers. And who can forget the era of ghetto blasters as hip hop heads around the world toted massive stereos on their shoulders as beats and lyrics pounded out. I’m glad to say pure audio indulgence is still with us and with the Model One it sounds better than ever.

“My radio believe me, I like it loud, I’m the man with the box that can rock the crowd…” L.L. Cool J”


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