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Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in from the editor, Highlighted Features | 1 comment

JULY 2015

JULY 2015


July was a month of first times. First time missing an international flight (I still made it to Zurich on time to perform), first time in an artistic capacity on stage at The Orpheum (bucket list), and, the first time being involved in The City of Vancouver Awards of Excellence ceremony (very honoured). A few days ago Music Heals, a music therapy charity I am proud to be an ambassador for, held a gala event on the rooftop at the fabulous Vancouver Club and we raised some good money to help people in need. With all these first times, what have I learned? Always allow for the unexpected. Things don't always go according to plan, but when they do, embrace them.

Case in point: I am sitting in my new office space taking meetings for a new venture that I have embarked upon and, although I didn't see this opportunity coming, I have fully devoted my energies towards it and am trying to perpetuate as much movement as possible from the onset. Work. Fun work, but work. On the PrevailPrevail side of things, our humble online zine is about to get a big boost. I can't spill the beans yet but, it is a monumental endeavour that I think will springboard us to the next level.

With Diner en Blanc Victoria and a Bastille Day celebration behind us, courtesy of the of the ever magnanimious Social Concierge team, we look forward to next week's Deighton Cup. Held annually at the legendary Hastings Racecourse, this event sees Vancouverites dressed to the nines and enjoying everything from the classic Mint Julep to perfectly chilled bottles of Veuve Clicquot. All set in an amazing backdrop with music and comraderies that helps to define this special event. Needless to say, since last years Deighton Cup, I have been assembling my outfit piece by piece in hopes that it's worthy of the highly sought after "Satorialist Sash" that indicates nomination for the best dressed. Last year my lady and I were in the running (get it?), yet were unable to clinch the prize. And certainly winning isn't the be all end all, but it would sure be a proverbial feather in the cap (get it?). Ok I'm stopping with the jokes now.

In all seriousness, things are feeling great. Natural progression at a pace that allows me to see the picture develop while still being enthusiastic to keep shooting. A few projects on the go, each of which inspires me to channel energy into the other. A family of true friends at who have guided me immensely and with whom I can't wait to continue a shared creative process. A chance, a shot, all accrued from wading into the unknown and embarcing the myriad of possibilities that culminate into a "first time." Without risk, reward is futile. But so is resistance ( last joke of the day for real ). Thank you all, be well, enjoy the Summer and, don't be afraid to take chances, sometimes they turn out to be positively life changing.




Prevail is the proud founder of and BloodType Media. He and his team are focused on providing unique and insightful content that highlights lifestyle, literacy and, the arts. With an ever developing understanding of the readership base, Prevail aims to continue learning and growing with his audience.

1 Comment

  1. Don’t let the unknown scare you, thanks my man. You’re a living legend of life!

    Sincerely, Kristoffer