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Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in from the editor, Highlighted Features |




MARCH 2015

Whirlwind: The best way to describe my last month. A European tour that spanned 8 countries in 16 days with 13 shows interspersed, followed by a gallery showing for the launch of The Arcachni and BloodType Meda as soon as I got home. Whew!  But it was awesome and a reminder that life happens in starts and fits, a constantly changing experience that reserves the right of unpredictability.

In Europe, not only did I have the chance to eat some of the best meals of my life, take in some legendary architecture. and shop some of the worlds' best streets, I also had some refection time and I will be highlighting it all through a blend of editorial and video excerpts over the next few weeks. I also found inspiration my next article for the fabulous Montecristo Magazine called, "…And to top it all off…" : where I had the chance to sit down with one of the world's premiere milliners from Szaszi Hatters in Vienna.

Between all the eye opening experiences of Europe and curating my first gallery show, the last four weeks have helped sculpt my love of art and my appreciation for self expression. Being imersed in history that vibrates through the languages and cultures of a city's inhabitants changes the way one looks at one's own life. Food, scent, music, colour. They all take on different and unique forms when travelling abroad. Each one finds it way into the structures, the cuisine, the expressions on people's faces: the daily shuffle.

Each of these elements are important to observe, individually and as a whole. I hope I have brought back some knowledge to share with you and hopefully I have left some influence floating around Europe through the stimulating conversations I was lucky enough to engage in. I look forward to divulging and hope you enjoy my tales, as they were certainly as stimulating as they were life-changing.



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