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Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Contributors, Highlighted Features, Tricks Of The Trade |



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A column dedicated to “life hacks” from professional magician Jamie D. Grant of

Hiya Gang!

Another month has come and gone!  And I reckon it’s almost time to actually show you guys a magic trick or two.  But, if we can, we’re going to leave save that for next month, as I’d love to give you one more of my “Life Hacks”.

If you read my previous two articles for Prevail, you’ll know we talked about how to approach groups of strangers and how to remember names.  These are the kinds of things that you just don’t learn in school and are things that I, as a professional entertainer, have had to learn the hard way.  Hopefully, I can save all of you some more time and trouble with something I’m calling…

The JDG Sweep.

Okay, the title might need some work but it’s something I use almost daily.  What’s it for?  Losing things.  Well, that’s the problem, actually.  I’m ALWAYS losing things.  So I designed the “JDG Sweep” to help me find whatever it is that I’ve lost.  WAIT!! Before you click away from here thinking this is the lamest article you’ve read, hear me out…

Life is short.  Period.  And one of the goals of my Tricks Of The Trade column is to help lengthen your life.  Not your actual days on Earth necessarily, but by how many days you’ll actually remember.  I want to help you build memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime; and one of those techniques to do that is to eliminate, throughout the entire day, as many things as possible that aren’t as joyous or memorable.  If you’re like me, looking for your %^@^ing house keys or cellphone one more time is on that list.

Okay, sure, putting them in the exact same place every single time when I get home makes the most sense.  But that just isn’t real life.  Sometimes I’m sprinting through the door and other times I can’t even see straight because I’ve been out for the last 24 hours.  So, bear with me, and heed this advice.  If it saves you 10 minutes a week, then that’s over 8 hours a year.  8 hours that can be filled with skydiving and parties instead of on your hand and knees under the couch.

I can sum up the JDG Sweep with one sentence:



This advice can be carried into a lot of other aspects of our lives but today we’ll keep it centered on the retrieval of precious objects (cell phones).  The problem with losing something is when we start to look for it, we revisit the same places over and over.  And over.  And over.  We go to the couch, then to the bedroom, back to the couch, over to the bathroom, back to the couch, etc.  Why?

Because we doubt ourselves.  And this mistake is one that we are hereby eliminating.  Just as we need confidence to approach groups of strangers, we need to build that confidence here at home.  So here’s the thing.  Once you look in/on/under the couch, DO NOT go back.  If you doubt how well you looked, then you need to make sure you perform better.  Check it once, thoroughly, and then trust yourself.  Walk away from there and don’t go back.

Okay, Part 2:


I’ll be honest, I’m starting to feel like Mr. Miyagi here.  We’re learning how to paint, but it’s going to help us kick ass in other areas of life.  I promise.  So this rule is another one you can carry out into the world but here, in the house, it means that you go to a corner.  Literally.  Would you have put your cell in the corner of the living room out in the open and not see it?  No.  But easy victories are needed in life.  Go to that corner.  Confirm that you didn’t throw it there in a fit of rage and forget about it, and check it off your list.  Not in that corner.  Check.  Victory.  Now take a couple of steps out and repeat.  The chair?  Nope.  Couple of steps.  Table?  Nope.   VictoryVictory.  And, remember, you’re not going back there.  Once a spot is cleared, it’s cleared.  Trust yourself.  Simply carry on until you’ve found what you’ve lost.  I guarantee that this will save you precious moments.  With the time you’ve saved, we can fit in one more base jump before we hit the party.

Wax on, wax off,



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