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Posted by on Nov 7, 2015 in from the editor, Highlighted Features |




I just celebrated my 40th and it was a night I will never forget! First, a three hour lunch at West, thank you Dave and Joe! Then dinner at the amazing Vancouver Club!  And to top it all off, a surprise ambush (thank you Keilani, I love you) with about 100 of my friends, including performances by Tonye Aganabe and The Sweetz! Needless to say, I was overwhelmed! Ok, enough use of the exclamation mark, I think you get the point? With a milestone like that, I had been doing some reflection on my life: past, present and, future. I have been extremely blessed and having so many friends and loved ones around me on the day was powerful. As you may have noticed, I wasn't the only one to get a B-Day celebration. The new and improved PrevailPrevail site has been re-structured and I hope you find it easily navigable and full of good reading.

This month is chalk-a-block with activities. After TedX Vancouver, which I am extremely honoured to speak at this year, Neph and I set out on the first AlphaOmega tour across Canada. I will be gathering fuel for the fire in terms of new articles for the site and I have found that travel often offers some of the best and most exclusive material to write about.

Closer to home, for those who have been curious about how last month's Music Heals gala, Strike A Chord, did in terms of fundraising: How's over $100,000 in an evening? That's what I said too! I had the pleasure of hosting once again and was floored by peoples' generosity. Plus, amongst all the talented performers, at the end of the program we all possied up on stage and sang a cover of Lean On Me by Bill Withers. Then, Maestro Fresh Wes and I did a cover of Eric B & Rakim's Paid In Full. Legendary night! Keeping it philanthropic, don't forget to support Movember. I am a few days behind schedule myself but tomorrow will be up and running in terms of fundraising. I think this year I might even be able to pull off a half decent "stache." That's what happens when you hit 40, instant facial hair!

Ok friends, I'm outta here. I recently painted an entire wall of the office with dry erase paint. At first I thought it would be helpful in getting things organized, until I realized that a blank 10 x 12 foot wall is a lot of space for creative notes. It's filled with all good positive stuff but some of it needs to be tended to, so off I go! Be well, and remember, love conquers all (except birthday hangovers).


Prevail a.k.a. Sporty Fourty


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