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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Highlighted Features, My personal Belongings, Style & Taste |



Photo by Pamela Evelyn.


A few years ago Swollen was touring the U.K. and I found myself in the fortunate position of having two days of free time to roam around London.  I was very determined to pay homage to the world famous tailoring only found on Savile Row.  Tradition abound as I entered the narrow side street and the storefront windows teased me with options.  I was having a hard time choosing which shop to patron when I turned to my trusty Wallpaper City Guide and saw the picture of a location which, at the time of print, was still under construction.  The visual of the clean white interior waiting for clothing to decorate it’s walls had my imagination bounding with possibilities as I started to feel like a discoverer on the road to Bespoke Island.

When I reached my destination, the London rain was falling hard and the signage for Kilgour was shining like a beacon of refuge.  As soon as I stepped inside, I knew my idea of clothing would be forever changed.  From behind the counter I heard a British accent chime in with, “Welcome to Kilgour!”  I said thank you and started walking around the store with eyes as wide as a lad in a sweet shoppe.  The gentleman suggested that I browse the section of shirts that bore a size 15 neck.  I had always thought I was a 15 1/2 but I was pleased to find that I was wrong.  A light blue button up was staring me in the face and when I tried it on in the change room, I was sold.  The feeling of a proper fitting shirt is amazing.

Granted, I didn’t have the luxury of time to get properly sized for bespoke tailoring but I have since vowed to spend the necessary hours celebrating the ritual and eventually coming away with an ensemble that has been constructed with my particulars.  Turned out the two gents were producers and made beats every second weekend up at a cabin in the woods of Britain.  Our mutual appreciation of music and fashion elevated my experience and my loyalty to Kilgour was born.  I continue to kick myself for not making multiple purchases that day but I try to balance my feeling of want with reality.  A reality that will one day see me roll out of the store onto the Row with bags in tote, my understanding of custom made clothing having been once again turned on it’s head and, my closet all the better for it.  Ta!


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