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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Old School (___)'s |




Photo borrowed from: Hufffree Hip Hop

It’s 1987. The beginning stages of the sneaker wars, which would eventually be taken world-wide and develop an identity of it’s own. In a sold out Madison Square Garden, and what seems to be a field of giants, it’s easy to stare in awe and admiration of the athletic monsters that some of these guys are. But as I watch the legendary New York Knicks dominate their way to another regular season win, I notice something else. Something bright, flashy, and in demand of my attention. Unlike the monstrous 6 foot 7 plus frames some possess, this is something I can actually relate too. The shoes. With 10 players switching in and out of shifts, I have alot of sights to see, and alot of sneakers to geek out at. I start noticing the colorways and styles. The soles and the stitching. The crooked tongues and the high tops. I’m loving it. As I’m taking it all in, squinting to try and properly see who’s wearing what, I gaze on who┬áI know to be the king of the giants. They called him Patrick Ewing, and he was a beast. But his shoes…they were higher, meaner, solid looking… a sort of “I’m gonna put you on a poster and then step on you” kind of stompers. I had to know what they were… so I turned off the tube, gave a thank-you to NBA TV’s Hardwood Classics, and jumped on the computer to find out the name of my new favourite kicks. It turned out they were the Adidas Conductor, and Ewings signature shoe. And what I liked most about this model was the simplicity of the colour-blocking, and humble but respect demanding stance that they have on your feet. Adidas knows what’s good when it comes to making a classic design that meets all the performance levels it should. That’s a time-proven fact, and the Conductors are no exception. I remember thinking I was in trouble. Only because I’m not known for being able to say “No”, to someone trying to sell me a sneaker I love, when I visit my local shop… and with the sneaker market being where it is nowadays I figured I’d probably have to spend an outlandish amount on the recently released Knicks colourway retros. But Adidas holds strong and gives us the classics we want for a price that you won’t need financial advice over. About $100 give or take a little depending on your region and you have a pair of some of the most classicalest (yes, I did) sneakers in the history of it all. And you can ball in them. That’s the word.

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