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Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in Contributors, Health & Wealth, Highlighted Features, Sights & Sounds |















Written by: Joy Gallant.


Ctrl Alt Delete by: Joel Mitchell.


The business world is changing, and at a pace that is faster than most of us can grasp on a regular basis.

Social media has changed consumer expectations so we all believe that we can connect with brands and companies in a personal way. We expect personal connection back.  Consumer expect to connect with useful messages, ideas and tools that they can use in their daily life.  Because anyone can comment on products and have their voices heard through social media, it’s not just the companies with the biggest marketing budgets that have the most influence through their push marketing, it’s the voices that have the most resounding value that become influential.


Passive, push media that has dominated the last century and was made infamous in Mad Men has largely lost it’s impact.  Consumers are more interested in interacting with marketing online through active media where they can make real connections with real people. Brands that develop tools to make the lives of their audience easier, have more influence.


Amazon, for example, has developed an app called Price Check for mobile devices.  Where many of us have become accustomed to checking online price comparisons when we are looking at a product in a store, Price Check can scan a barcode and compare with the Amazon (and their merchant) prices.  It’s a useful tool that both drives customers back to Amazon and gives Amazon information about other retailers and their prices.  Genius!


Where business has morphed from big static companies pushing their products to personalized connections developing relevant tools, the career world has also changed from 30 year jobs to shorter job timelines and contract work focused on product delivery.  The job I have now didn’t exist 3 years ago, and probably won’t exist in it’s current form in three years.  Working in Marketing Technology, I’m constantly being presented with new ideas for improving branding online, some ideas that are great and some that really feel like a fad. But it’s hard to tell at the onset what will last.  Regardless, I know career driven people must constantly be learning and morphing their work skills to stay relevant.


Even the task of marketing myself, my career and my skills has changed dramatically in the past 5 years.  It has become less about my resume and more about my delivered projects, portfolio and client references.  Learning to market myself with the idea in mind that I’m doing work now for the job I may want in 3-5 years puts an entirely new spin on how I process my day-to-day work.


The new Web 2.0 world has changed how brands and voices are heard online.  Companies that want to stay relevant and in the forefront of their customers attention can’t just share enticing graphics anymore, they have to improve the lives of their clients.  At the personal level, professionals who want to develop future forward careers also can’t just survive on a great resume, they have to develop an online personality, voice and network.  Keeping up with the pace of digital development means the essentially the same thing for companies and professionals, we all have to focus on staying personally connected and constantly evolving.