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Hey guys! Thanks for the interest in submitting content on our site.

Just a few guidelines for contributors to have material successfully posted:


PREVAILPREVAIL.COM assume all entries are photos of entrants who either own the photo or have permission to enter the photo, with all rights granted therein. PREVAILPREVAIL.COM is not liable for any copyright or privacy infringement on the part of the entrant. Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of PREVAILPREVAIL.COM to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium. By submitting a photo via email above, the user has accepted these terms and conditions.


Who Are we?


PREVAILPREVAIL.COM is an online publication that strives to present the worlds latest in Style & Vancouver Art.  PREVAILPREVAIL.COM is an online independent magazine.  The PREVAILPREVAIL.COM staff truly believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why many of our posts will seem almost as if they are photographic books. We want to get right to the point instead of reading text one can “read” stunning style & personal interviews demonstrating a window into the Vancouver community culture.



Our mission is to put a spotlight on photographic artists, fashion designers and original interviews with original content in respects to visual aesthetics in Vancouver, across Canada and, other worldwide cities of influence. One may even say that as much as PREVAILPREVAIL.COM  is geared towards Style & Creative Content, we have a big place in our heart for the contribution of local writers, artists, and fashion photographers. PREVAILPREVAIL.COM believes that you don’t have to be a big name in the industry to be one of the greatest. PREVAILPREVAIL.COM wants to share the work of as many emerging artists as we possibly can, through a variety of beautiful & spectacular editorial stories.

What are we looking for?

The PREVAILPREVAIL.COM team looks for strong, artistic,and aesthetically pleasing content from a direct experience point of view, as well as Artistic photographic stories. We are a Style & Art Scene magazine. We look for editorials and artists who merge the world of Style and art together. We look for Style & Design by all names, brand names, no names, and independent designers. We look for written content that will fit the scope of our growing artistic community for the whole world to pull from in regards to original content.  Diverse is our motto!



Please read through the submission guidelines very carefully before submitting to us.



 Out & About

Old School (____)’s

Sights & Sounds

please see our front page for more information.
Deadlines: The first Monday of every month


  • Must ALWAYS be style meets art stories
  • 6-10 images of LOW resolution pictures (if you have more from the story please state this in the e-mail as we may ask to see more if your editorial is chosen)
  • TEXT or FONT on your images will NOT be accepted. PREVAILPREVAIL.COM staff will add all text and credits to your images. (To ensure the PREVAILPREVAIL.COM standard and look remains the same throughout each editorial)
  • Images must be individually labeled and attached (please do not send us two images attached)
  • All submissions must include A title for your story, and all credits with correct spelling (Example:(credits) Jane @ Doe, Video by: John Doe) If you do not include all of these credits including a title for your story, your editorial will NOT be accepted. PREVAILPREVAIL.COM staff is not held responsible to get these credits from you, they must be already stated in your first e-mail.
  • The PREVAILPREVAIL.COM staff will only respond to those who have been chosen for our publication.It usually takes us anywhere between 1-2 weeks to choose. Please refrain from sending follow up messages unless we have contacted you.
  • If your editorial is accepted you will be notified, in this case you must provide PREVAILPREVAIL.COM with the Hi-res images separately with no text on them.
  • The images can be attached directly through e-mail, Webtransfer or Sendspace.

Please refrain from using DropBox as this does not work for our system.
** Please note that all submissions must be unpublished stories & if the editorial is already published in another magazine
PREVAILPREVAIL.COM has the right to pull your editorial regardless of how long the issue has been released. Having an editorial that appears elsewhere devalues PREVAILPREVAIL.COM .



I hereby acknowledge that upon submitting my images to PREVAILPREVAIL.COM, PREVAILPREVAIL.COM  has the right to publish, distribute and sell any PREVAILPREVAIL.COM where my editorial appears. As owner of my imagery I hereby obtain all copyrights of my images and allow PREVAILPREVAIL.COM to publish my images only where my full credits are listed. I give PREVAILPREVAIL.COM permission to re-size, add text to and change the layout of my editorial for publication. I understand that PREVAILPREVAIL.COM has the right to pull my editorial without explanation at anytime if my editorial is found in another publication. However as copyright holder I hold the right to share my images, The digital tear sheets and the magazine on my website and any photo sharing sites. I understand that PREVAILPREVAIL.COM is not responsible to change incorrect credits if I have misspelled or forgotten them in the original e-mail submission. I understand that PREVAILPREVAIL.COM will ONLY change credits after the publication is released if the mistake is on the fault of the PREVAILPREVAIL.COM staff.

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