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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Tricks Of The Trade |




A column dedicated to “life hacks” from professional magician Jamie D. Grant of



Hiya Gang!

I’m back from doing about a gazillion shows, writing a book, and

playing Vegas; and I’m ready to help all of you out any way I can.

It’s funny. When writing a column about how I’ve ‘hacked’ life

and have achieved super happiness there is a ton of subjects we

could talk about. So far we’ve discussed How to Work a Room,

How to Remember Things, How to Find Something You’ve Lost,

and How to Get Almost Anything You Want. But there’s one thing

that plays on a lot of people’s minds- and that I have some great

insight into…

How to get ripped.

Love it or hate it, we think about our bodies a lot. I think we can

all agree on that. It might not always be good thoughts, but the

thoughts are still there. I mean, how many times a day do we

look in the mirror? And, unless you’ve got supremo awesome

confidence, you’re probably always looking at something that

could improve. For a lot of people, it’s weight: the search for

that six-pack. It’s plagued many of us and it seems like more and

more movie stars and actors are rocking it in our faces. So how do

they do it? And, better yet, how do we do it? How do we shed the

pounds and start looking at ourselves in the mirror with a smile

instead of a stare?

Let me share with you the number one best piece of weightless

advice I’ve ever received:

Losing weight is easy.

Before we all riot, let’s stop and think about it for a second.

I know, I know, there are thousands of different books, magazines,

and people yelling at us from the television that there are secrets

that we don’t know (and must buy) and things we must do that can

only be done in twelve easy instalments. They tell us that we’re

not who we want to be because we don’t have those secrets or

contraptions. But, in the end, I’m afraid it’s not the truth. Because

losing weight is easy. Well, at least from a math standpoint it is:

Eat less. Or burn more. That’s it.

It’s probably Grade 2 math. Addition (Booooo!) and Subtraction

(Yeeeeeah!). I personally like to view my body as an actual

fireplace. There’s only two ways to have a clean fireplace (our

goal): Put less in it, or burn what’s in there faster (by making it

hotter). Addition and subtraction. That’s it.



But if the science of losing weight is Grade 2, then the execution is

mostly likely College. And despite the dropouts, the failed classes,

and those that never even attempt to go, there is a group that not

only do go, but also excel. And it’s that group that we’re going

to hack into. We’re also going to do it by talking about only two


1) Accountability

2) Consistency

There it is. Those are the two secrets of the Hollywood elite that

you never really hear about. You never hear them say, “Well, of

course I was ripped! I knew once that scene was filmed, it would

be viewable forever. For-ever! Like, until the end of time! I had to

make sure I looked good.”

The other one is just as simple: Do something every day. Every

day. Let me repeat that. Every day. I don’t mean you have to hit

the gym every day, but you must do something. Get off the couch.

Take the stairs. Just something to turn your fireplace up a little

hotter. Do more than yesterday. That’s all.

Okay, now that we know what to do, we need to make a plan.

My column will always be about real world application, so let’s

not just talk about it, let’s do it. Here it is:

Make a date in the future (3 months is a great goalpost) and start

telling everyone you can that you’re going to lose “X” amount of

weight by then. Post about it, tweet about it, and tell all of your

friends and family about it. Make sure everyone you know, knows

that you’ve made this goal for yourself. That’s the Accountability

portion. We, as people, for the most part don’t do things because

we want to (work, for example). We do them because of what

happens if we don’t (i.e. starve). In this scenario, we want to put

the fear of embarrassment and shame in our sights. And we want

the stakes to be huge. So tell everyone you know. Make it count.

Now that you’ve done that, we need to take care of number two:

Consistency. Make an “A”, “B”, and “C” plan. “A” would be

gym in the morning and a run at night. “B” would be just one of

them. “C”? “C” is doing a pushup on your lunch break. Something.

Anything. Make sure you do either “A”, “B”, or “C” every single

day. No excuses. No matter what happens, you must make time for

yourself. You deserve it. Consistency. Daily. Burn hotter or put

less in.

Bonus: The things you put in your fireplace burn at different

speeds. Pretty much anything you buy in a bag (chips, plastic

sticks, etc.) will take a long time to burn. Don’t buy things in bags.

Other things burn super fast and make for a beautiful fire, as well:

grass-fed steaks are a great example.

I think that’s about it! As soon as you finish reading this

paragraph, do a pushup. Just one. That’s one more than you did

fifteen seconds ago. Then go look at yourself in the mirror. You’re

a different person than you were fifteen seconds ago, too. Smile.

We’re all rooting for you.